September 8, 2019

Programming - Weather Station

Weather Station Working!!!!

Woo got it working today and feeding data to this page!

Using the Huzzah and not the Arduino at all

Getting temp, humidity, and pressure

Anemometer needs a separate setup as it needs a 9V Vin and outputs up to 2V analog which Huzzah cannot handle

Time Spent: 10 hours 27 minutes

September 7, 2019

Programming - Weather Station

Setting up Https

My original setup was trying to reach this website's endpoint which is over https.

I tried to create some crazy work between but was encouraged to just do it the right way

The https library for the huzzah? wasn't bad at all and I was able to get it working.

[flesh this out]

Hunting down a https library

Pulling the needed code out of a more complicated example

Figuring out the sha


[add code here]

Time Spent: 2 hours

August 21, 2019

Programming - Weather Station

Create Endpoint to Add Data To Database

Built a quick GET endpoint to put data into the database from a URL with the parameters:

Time Spent: 20 minutes

July 30, 2019

Programming - Weather Station

Test Program on the Adafruit HUZZAH ESP8266 breakout

Following this tutorial

I got the blinking light program to work but only after I pulled the USB out of the computer. I tried the same approach with the wifi test and there is no result in the serial monitor.

Time Spent: 1 hours 57 minutes